About the Team


Chris Pforr

Chris Pforr is an American citizen who divides his time between the Philippines and Seattle, Washington. He is a retired physical therapist and is keenly interested in Philippine history.

Chris believes that imperialism is inconsistent with the democratic and egalitarian principles upon which the United States was founded. He hopes this book can help to explain to a wider audience how U.S. Imperialism has created the flawed relationship between the Philippines and the United States, and perhaps inspire a younger generation to change it. This is his first book.


Wylz Gutierrez

Wylz Gutierrez comes from Quezon City, Philippines.

“When I was growing up in Metro Manila, It’s always been my dream to become an artist ever since then. I spent my childhood days doodling superheroes, supervillains, robots, mythical creatures and anything that I can get the inspiration from any comic books and movies that I liked.

“It was a great opportunity for me to become part of this book as I have always been a history buff myself and drawing history was one of the best things that I can do. This is my first published work as an illustrator and hopefully, there are many good things to come on my journey as an illustrator/artist. I hope you guys will enjoy reading this just as how much I enjoyed putting my very hard work on it. I consider this precious book as a contribution for educating the young minds of my country.

Layout Artist

Julie Po

Julie L. Po is a visual artist and cultural worker. She is a member of Kulturang Pilipino, an institution that aims to reinforce nationalism among Filipinos through research and education. She is also convenor of the Bonifacio 150 Committee, a tactical formation tasks to popularize the nationalist legacy of Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan in celebration of the hero's 150th birth anniversary on November 30, 2013.