“Dangerous Waters: A Whirlwind Tour of the Philippine Economy Since Independence looks at the country’s economic history as well as key programs of recent regimes. It helps explain current Philippine realities characterized by US subservience, oligarchic domination, backward industries, unprecedented jobs crisis, and worsening poverty of the great majority of Filipinos. Concisely written and using illustrations, the book is a complement to existing progressive materials that help those who are beginning to study the Philippine economy and the basic problems that it confronts.”
- Arnold Padilla, activist researcher and blogger

“Read the business section of any Philippine newspaper and you will never see mention of a possible alternative to the current economic model, despite its many failings—let alone an explanation of how it came to be. Chris Pforr’s new book remedies this in a direct, readable form. The book’s main message is one that too many academics and economic journalists (more concerned with the future of their careers than that of their country) are too timid to voice: It doesn’t have to be like this.”
- Ken Fuller, author of Forcing the Pace, A Movement Divided, The Long Crisis, and The Lost Vision (forthcoming).

“Chris Pforr is frank and honest in his assertion that the present fundamental socio-economic ills of the Philippines are caused by its economic perdition and mendicancy, which in turn, result from its inability to act independently in asserting its national interests. This book chronologically shows that the so-called economic growth does not benefit the poor Filipino masses at all. He ends the book with a new flash of hope that the Filipino nation could build an economy that would liberate and benefit the masses. To read this book is to contemplate what this nation should do in order to escape from its economic perdition.”
-  JV Ayson, Filipino student and youth leader.

“A real piece of education material for all Filipinos to read, in which the facts about US economic control of the Philippines are broadly presented. As US imperialism is on the decline, it continues to impose policies that make Filipino lives more difficult, specifically the merciless neoliberal program. Congratulations and tnx again for writing suh a manuscript that truly explains and traces our economic history, or on a higher context our political economy.”
-  Yogi Mejia, Researcher, Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino