Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Philippine Colonial Economy
1900-1935 American Colonial Era Economy
1945 Postwar Devastation
1946 Independence and Renewed Partnership
Postwar Global Economic Order
1946 Postwar American Legislation
1946 Philippine Trade Act
1946-1949 Reconstruction Era
1949 Foreign Exchange Crisis / 1949-1960 Control Era
1950 Bell Mission
1950s Import Substitution Industrialization
1955 Laurel-Langley Agreement
1957 President Garcia and Pilipino Muna
1957 World Bank / 1962 International Monetary Fund
1961 Pilipino Muna results
1961-1965 Macapagal Era / 1961-1968 Decontrol Era
Asian Tiger Economies
1965-1986 Ferdinand Marcos Era
1970 Export-Oriented Industrialization
Labor Export Program
1970s Marcos’ Management of the Economy
1973 / 1979 Oil Price Shocks
Rise of the Technocrats
The U.S. Role in the Marcos-Era Economy
1980s Global Financial and Debt Crisis
Neoliberalism Comes to the Philippines
1980 Structural Adjustment
1980 Structural Adjustment comes to the Philippines
1980s Philippines Financial and Debt Crisis
1983-1985 Climax of the Crisis
1985 Results of Philippine Structural Adjustment
1986-1992 Corazon Aquino Era
Executive Order 292: Prioritization of Debt Repayment / More Structural Adjustment
Neoliberalism under Corazon Aquino
Aquino Economic Results
1992-1998 Fidel Ramos Era
Neoliberalism under Fidel Ramos (continued)
1993 Energy Deregulation
1995 World Trade Organization (WTO)
Focus on Deregulation: RA 8479, Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998
Philippines an Asian Tiger?
Ramos Economic Results
1998-2001 Joseph Estrada Era
2001-2010 Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Era
Neoliberalism under Gloria Arroyo
2001 Electric Power Industry Reform Act
2001 Electric Power Industry Reform Act (con't) 2004 Fiscal Crisis
Economic Results Under Arroyo
2010-2014 Benigno Simeon Aquino III Era
Growth, Poverty and Debt under Pnoy
Corruption in the Philippines
Public-Private Partnerships
MRT-LRT Privatization
Focus on Public-Private Partnerships: MRT-LRT Privatization
Neoliberalism Under Benigno Aquino III
Financial Controversies during the PNoy Era
2014 What's Driving the Philippine Economy?
U.S. Business Role in the Philippine Economy
U.S. Government Role in the Philippine Economy
Current Outlook for the Philippine Economy
Building an Equitable and Sustainable Economy
Appendix I: How Neoliberalism Harms the Philippines
Appendix II: Graphic History of the Philippine Economy
Appendix II: Philippine Social Classes
Underclass: The Very Poor
Working Class
Petty Bourgeoisie
Bourgeoisie: Philippine Oligarchy
Appendix IV: Recommended Resources