A Brief Bush Biography

March 2003

George Bush in Little League

1946 Born in New Haven, Connecticut.
1948 Moved with family to Odessa, Texas.
1964 Graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.
1964 Entered Yale University.
1968 B.A. in history from Yale; entered Texas Air National Guard.
1973 Relieved from National Guard duty. National Guard Record.
1975 Received M.A. in business administration from Harvard Business School.
1977 Married Laura Welch.
1978 Started Arbusto Energy Company; unsuccessful campaign for U.S. Congress.
1981 Twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, born.
1982 Bush changed Arbusto's name to Bush Exploration Oil Co.
1984 Bush Exploration merged with another oil company called Spectrum 7. GWB became CEO.
1984 Borrowed $500,000 to purchase a 2% share of Texas Rangers Baseball team.
1986 George W. Bush and partners sell their failing Spectrum 7 Energy Corp. to Harken Energy Corp.
1986 Bush joined unit of Enron Corp. to seek oil.
1988 Served as senior advisor for father's presidential campaign.
1990 Sold stock in Harken Energy for $848,000 ($4 a share.) Two days later the company reported a business loss that caused the stock to fall to $2 a share. Bush was on Harken's audit committee.
1994 Elected Governor of Texas.
1998 Sold shares in Texas Rangers for $14.9 million (I think that's a 1,780% return on investment)
1998 Re-elected Governor of Texas.
1999 Announced candidacy for presidency of the United States.
1999 Set campaign fundraising records; many happy corporate donors.
2000 "Elected" President.

Dubya's Vision of America
First he was the "Candidate of Compassionate Conservatism,"
then "A Reformer With Results,"
next the man with "Real Plans for Real People,"
now he's "Churchill," waging world war against terrorism.

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