Information Awareness Office

Information Awareness Office

January 2003

Total Information Awareness Program graphic

Part of the recently-passed Homeland Security Act, the Information Awareness Office (IAO) is a giant government computer system being set up to spy on Americans and run by none other than John Poindexter of Iran-Contra fame. The IAO, under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the Defense Department, will provide intelligence agencies and law enforcement with instant access to information from e-mail, telephone records, credit cards, banking transactions and travel records, all without a search warrant. According to Willam Safire, the IAO will have an initial $200 million budget to create computer dossiers on 300 million Americans.
*But don't worry; the government will use all this information solely for the task of tracking terrorists!*

Information Awareness Office Officiale US Guv'mnt website
Overview by Admiral Poindexter himself (hey, nothing to worry about, he's there to serve you)
The Homeland Security Monstrosity by Rep. Ron Paul, MD
Scary Times in the USA by Molly Ivins, Boulder Daily Camera
Artifact: No Go Logo (Creepy agency casts evil eye on Planet Earth) by Jesse Walker, Reason Online
No more Mr Scrupulous Guy by John Sutherland, the Guardian

Total Information Awareness Program

The Total Information Awareness (TIA) Program is the main reason for the existence of the IAO and receives the bulk of it's funding. The TIA will create a working model for a computerized profile of the intimate details of a citizen's private life.
Total Information Awareness Resource Center (independent website)
You Are a Suspect by William Safire, New York Times (even some right-wingers don't like this project!)
Total Information Awareness editorial, Washington Post
Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System by Eliot Borin, Wired Magazine

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