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1. Contact Congress...and other people deciding our future
-Senator Maria Cantwell (Dem-WA)
Seattle Phone: 206-220-6400      Toll-free: 1-800-839-5276         Send her E-mail
-Senator Patty Murray (Dem-WA)
Seattle Phone: 206-553-5545      Toll-free: 1-800-839-5276         Send her E-mail
-Representative Rick Larsen (Dem-2nd District)
Local Phone: 360-733-4500        DC Phone: 202-225-2605         Send him E-mail
-House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (Dem-CA)
202-225-4965         Send her E-mail
-Other U.S. Congressional members from Washington State: E-mail address directory
-Washington State Government E-mail and telephone directory
-Washington State toll-free Hot Line: 1-800-562-6000.

2. Lobby Congress to pass an EXCESS PROFITS TAX that taxes 100% of excess profits on every contract for the War in Iraq and for the reconstruction of Iraq after the war. We did it in World War One, we did it in World War Two, we did it in the Korean War. We need to do it now.
Contact the following (remember to include your full name and street address or most will NOT consider the email - they want to know you are a constituent.)
Senator Patty Murray -- Seattle: 206-553-5545
Senator Maria Cantwell - Seattle: 206-220-6400
US Senate toll free: 800 839-5276
Congressman Rick Larsen -- Local Phone: 360-733-4500 DC Phone: 202-225-2605

3. Jim McDermott's Depleted Uranium Bill: Read about it
To view legislation, go here, then type in bill number in bottom R corner (HR 1483 IH).
Support McDermott by contacting Rick Larsen to back this legislation: Email Rick Larsen

4. Boycott the War! Read about boycott campaign:
Exxon-Mobil-Esso, Kraft (Subsidiary of Phillip Morris) & Phillip Morris, Pepsico Inc, United Parcel Service, Wal-Mart.

5. Sign an online petition
Iraq Peace Pledge

6. Get help writing letters
Progressive Secretary

7. Join an online E-mailing list
CDT Activist Network (Center for Democracy and Technology)
Join EnergyNet online
Voices in the Wilderness E-mail List
Vote No War (International ANSWER)

8. Vote to Impeach George Bush
Impeachment Resolution by Ramsey Clark
Impeachment Resolution by Francis A. Boyle

9. What the hell, go ahead and contact President George Bush himself:
202-456-1414         Send him E-mail

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