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This is a list from a PPP brainstorming session on "Who do we network with or work in solidarity with?" From this we prioritized groups with which to start our work. These are listed first and more information is spelled out below. If you have local contacts for any of these groups, please contact jim justice so we can add them to our database.

Work with Tierra Nueva in assisting farmworkers
Sponsoring Richard Olmsted to attend La Cosecha seminar at Tierra Nueva
Have speaker from farmworker group - Rosalinda Guillen of UFW out of B'ham
Desire to change attitude toward and climate for the Hispanics in Skagit
Desire to have Latinos/Chicanos & Spanish speakers as part of PPP
Support the Farmworkers' Solidarity March each May

Our Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC) has been working with them
They are available to assist with this effort

Desire to change attitude toward and desire for inclusive society
Educate in issues and get out the vote!
Swinomish - Good Friday Service for community at Catholic church there - very inclusive!
How can we work with them, be educated by them in their issues?
SVC Pow wow - all welcome
LaConner held an event that included Swinomish - but later felt left out?

Peace and Diplomacy Club at SVC
Co-sponsor events like this year - MLK Peacefest, speakers
Voter Registration

Jobs with Justice - Dave McConnell to contact B'ham group
Living Wage Ordinance in B'ham passed (only includes govt employees in B'ham, but it's a start!)
"If you want peace, work for justice"

Anacortes UN Association - USA
Strengthen Global Village
Work with Peaceful Solutions - peace group in Anacortes
Tabling at Anacortes Arts and Crafts Fair in August - Jerry Sommerseth to ck with person who has property near festival

Other groups:
League of Women Voters - Co-sponsor forums, disseminating info.
Green Party
Health care workers
Larger peace groups
Nature Conservancy
Churches (some)
Habitat for Humanity
Tierra Nueva
Sierra Club
Jails College staff
Common Cause
Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR)
Friendship House/Oasis Teen Shelter
Skagit Seniors
Skagitonians to Preserve Farm Land
Emerson HS
Alger Learning Center
State Street HS
Internat'l - Water Systems
Literacy Council
Doctors without Borders
Physicians for Social Responsibilities
Friends of Skagit County

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