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What's next for PPP?
A selection of readings to stimulate your pro-active thinking.
Please send in your thoughts and ideas for this page. Thanks....Chris

Winners and Losers by Gary Younge, Guardian (May 5)
What We Do Now; A Peace Agenda by David Cortright, The Nation (Apr 21)
What Do We Do Now? by Arden Buck, Friends Journal (Apr 18)
Letter To A Slightly Depressed Antiwar Activist by Gilbert Achcar, ZNet (Apr 17)
War is still not the answer! Friends Committee on National Legislation (Apr 17)
Why the Anti-War Movement Was Right by Arianna Huffington (Apr 16)
Talking Points: After the Fall of Saddam by Phyllis Bennis, IPS (Apr 10)
What's Next for the Peace Movement? by Brian Corr (Apr 9)
Pressuring Ourselves by Bob Hicks, PPP (Apr 8)
Now Comes the Hard Part by Dave McConnell, PPP (Apr 8)
Check out the National Progressive Conference to TAKE BACK AMERICA
Boycott the War! a project of bethecause .org
Save Our Democracy: A Call to Action
by Steven Hill and Rob Richie, Common Dreams (Apr 5)
Loudest Noise in the World by Annamari (Apr 6)
What purpose does protest serve now? by James O. Goldsborough, San Diego Union Tribune (April 3)
Brainstorming List Compiled from a PPP meeting (Mar 31)
Antiwar Effort Emphasizes Civility Over Confrontation by Kate Zernike, Common Dreams (Mar 29)
Debating the war -- without the confrontation by Rebecca Denn, Seattle P-I (Mar 27)
Post D-Day depression by Geov Parrish, (Mar 27)
How To Take Back America by Thom Hartmann, Common Dreams (Mar 24)
Will Middle America Board the Peace Train? by Traci Hukill, AlterNet (Mar 24)
What's Next For The Peace Movement? by Jeremy Brecher, Intervention magazine (Mar 22)

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