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Peace Links
American Friends Service Committee    Long-time Quaker pacifist organization.
Become the Change    Collecting commitments from people who will go to Iraq as a human shield.
Bellingham Peace Community    Just up the road in Whatcom County!
Cities For Peace    Cities passing resolutions against a war on Iraq.
Education for Peace in Iraq Center    Washington, D.C.-based group.
Fellowship of Reconciliation    Pacifist interfaith organization.
Gush Shalom    Israeli Peace Block.
Institute for Policy Studies    "The nation’s oldest multi-issue progressive think tank."
International A.N.S.W.E.R.  "Act to Stop War and End Racism."
Iraq Action Coalition    "Online media and activists' resource center."
Iraq Peace Pledge    Collecting signatures of public opposition to war on Iraq.    Sends large numbers of e-mails and faxes to the government.
Not In Our Name   Pledge of Resistance / committed to civil disobedience.
People for a Peaceable Planet     Skagitonians Working for Peace and Justice.
Poets Against the War This site grew out of the "infamous" cancelled White House poetry event.    Activists events and information for the Seattle area.
SNOW Coalition    Largest Washington State anti-war coalition.
SNOWBoard    SNOW coalition message board
United for Peace & Justice   "A New National Campaign."
Veterans for Peace Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence.
Voices in the Wilderness    Campaign to end the sanctions against Iraq.
War Resisters League   means = methods = ends.

War Links
Project for the New American Century
   Neoconservatives planning Bush's strategy.
National Security Strategy    This is the document that spells out Bush's pre-emptive military strategy.

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