I been all over...
and I still don't know what I'm doing...
but at least I'm trying.

Chris Pforr planting rice

Feb 1, 1951: I popped out at Maynard Hospital in Seattle.

After a few days sucking on cow's milk at the hospital, it was off to Bellevue.

1957: Redwood City, California here we came.

1971: Beulah, Wyoming, to work at the Fish Genetics Laboratory.

1972-3: Lived and worked in Yosemite National Park.

1972-75: Roamed around the Sierra Nevada mountains.

1973-4: I went around the world by myself.

1976: Moved back to Washington State to pick fruit.

1976 onward: Up in the hills in the North Cascades and Olympics.

1977: Six years of rainy, muddy bliss in Olympic National Park.

1983: Back to college to git ejukated.

1987: I became a professional.

1992: Catherine Duva came in to my life.

1994: Three months in Cuba.

1999: Back to Asia, visiting Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines & China.

2001: A year in Cebu City, Philippines. That's where I met Ana.

2002: Moved up to the Skagit Valley in Washington State to work at Skagit Valley Hospital

2003: Back to the Philippines again.

2004: Three months traveling in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, then back to the Philippines again.

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