Donald Rumsfeld Dick Cheney Condoleeza Rice George W. Bush Karl Rove Paul Wolfowitz
Saving the planet from the likes of these evil fucks requires more than occasional trips to the ballot box.
Democracy starts with the letter d, same as do,  r   u  doing anything to make a difference?
America, A Symbol of...
An Open Letter to America
Bayan Muna (Philippines party-list group)
Castro Replies to Bush Hysteria
Cuba   (My own reflections)
El Salvador (official FMLN website)
Multinational Monitor
Nicaragua  (Brief history of the Nicaraguan Revolution)
Noam Chomsky  (Archive at Z-Magazine online)
Orwellian Logic  (How to Learn to Love U.S. Bombs, by Norman Solomon)
Outsourcing (U.S. Government now privatizing the use of force)
Seattle-Cuba Friendship Committee keeps carryin' on without me...
Shipments  (Material aid to the third world was my 'thing' from 1984 to 2000)
Vietnam   (Protesting helped end the war)
War on Terror (Chris Pforr's compendium of U.S. Government -sponsored terrorism)
You Just Don't Get It (speakin' my mind...)

"Pessimism of the mind, optimism of the will" - Antonio Gramsci.

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