Coca Cola, Krags and Uncle Sam: A Brief History of U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines is an easy-to-read, richly illustrated introduction to Philippine-American history over the past 119 years. The United States invaded the Philippines in 1898 and the two nations have been closely bound ever since.
Many Filipinos seem to believe the United States is a "shining city on the hill", a helpful big brother who has acted in the interests of the Filipino people.
Many Americans believe their own nation has been a good friend to the Philippines.
The problem with both of these views is that they ignore key elements in the shared history of the two nations: a history of brutal, racialized violence during the American conquest of the Philippines during the Philippine-American War; the dictatorial American rule during the colonial period; United States economic exploitation for the past 114 years; and continued American intervention in the domestic affairs of the Philippines during the years since the 1946 granting of independence, right up to the present day.
This book offers a critical and carefully documented look at Philippine-American history in an easy-to-read and engaging format. It features more then 400 original drawings which illustrate the real people and events that have shaped the modern Philippines. I hope readers will find this an easy-to-read and engaging book.

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