"This book chronologically presents the history of how the Philippines was invaded and colonized by the United States. It is an important contribution to the literature on U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines. Our young Filipino readers will enjoy reading this essential book. For despite the past injustices and continuing inequality, there is a way forward for Philippine-U.S. Relations."
- Professor Roland Simbulan, University of the Philippines

"Why this book is important: the history of United States imperialism is not past, it is present."
- Herbert Docena, author of At the Door of all the East': The Philippines in United State Military Strategy

"This significant book provides a useful and digestible historical framework for any serious student of history whose purpose is to familiarize and learn the history of the Philippines. What is impressive is that it is written by a foreigner - one of our country's most recent and valuable resources - who presents his stories about what Filipinos were really like, instead of what the colonizers made the Filipinos believe themselves to be. The inside pages are flooded with caricatures you'll want to look again and again."
- Geneva Salomon, Cebu high school teacher