Dangerous Waters: A Whirlwind Tour of the Philippine Economy Since Independence is an easy-to-read, lavishly illustrated introduction to the tumultuous Philippine economy over the past 69 years. The book pays special attention to the pivotal historic relationship between the United States and the Philippines. Understanding the political economy of American intervention is key to comprehending how the Philippine economy arrived at its present combination of rapid growth, service to foreign capital, wealth generation for a few, and persistent poverty for the majority of Filipinos.

This book offers a brief yet critical survey of the Philippine economy in an easy-to-read and engaging format. It features more then 200 original drawings which illustrate the historic events shaping the modern Philippines. It's not your usual economic textbook!

Dangerous Waters was published October 1, 2015, by Pantas Publishing of Quezon City, Philippines.

Copyright 2015 by the author.
Originally published by Pantas Publishing and Printing, Inc.
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