Metro Manila
Popular Bookstore
305 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City
Tel. (02) 372 2162

We can send you the book via LBC, cost P95 for book & approx. P100 shipping (shipping charge is the same for approx one to five copies, so may be cost-effective to order multiple copies)
Please contact:
Popular Bookstore e-mail:
or via Facebook messenger: Popular Bookstore

Visayas/ Mindanao
We can send you the book via LBC:
Cost P95 for book, plus shipping charge P125 to Visayas, P135 to Mindanao
Please contact:
Chris Pforr
FB: Chris Pforr

Outside the Philippines
Sorry to say the book is not presently available abroad. I'm in the process of making an e-book and this will be available at a future date.