All Saints Day

Cebu City, Philippines, November 1, 2003

Halloween (October 31) is not much celebrated in the Philippines. However, the subsequent All Saints Day (November 1) and All Souls Day (November 2) are important national holidays.
In 2001 I went to the Mantalongon cemetery with Ana and her family. This year I visited two cemeteries in Cebu City.

Ludo Memorial Park
Ludo Memorial Park


Cebu Chinese Cemetery
Cebu Chinese Cemetery

Burning candles and incense created a smoky scene.

Burning candles and incense

Most bodies are stored in stacked crypts.

stacked crypts


stacked crypts stacked crypts stacked crypts


crypt fire

Those with wealth are interred in more spacious graves.

wealthy grave

And the wealthiest get their own mausoleums.

mausoleum mausoleum

But as always in the Philippines, PEOPLE are the important thing!!













watching candles


There's a squatter settlement abutting the backside of the cemetery and as dusk aproached, squatters began to come in over the walls. They must be be the night-time denizens of this ghostly place....keeping company with the dead, who probably appreciate it, as in this crowded country people don't like to be alone.

squatter settlement squatter settlement