All Saints Day

Monday, November 1, 2004
Calamba Cemetery, Barangay Calamba, Cebu City, Philippines

Calamba Cemetery is reportedly the poorest in Cebu City. You can be interred here for less than a princely sum.

Calamba Cemetery

Is All Saints Day a solemn occasion when one should strive to remember the dead?

praying at cemetery crypt praying at cemetery crypt

Or, is it a time to party?

little cemetery vendor with balloons two girls

Well, this is the Philippines, so the answer must be both.

For me, it's a day to mingle with the crowds, breathe candle smoke, guard my pockets, and take pictures.

cemetery fire pit


grave crypt


offering a flower at cemetery crypt


praying at cemetery crypts


cemetery smoke


young girl young man


cemetery crypts cemetery crypts


cemetery crypts

Filipinos know how to say goodbye, to the living and to the dead. But in any case, they remember those who are gone.

Saying goodbye