November 2001

It was the afternoon of Friday July 20 2001 I was at National Bookstore in Ayala looking for a book on Ferdinand Marcos which I couldn't find so I looked for someone to help me and it was her that was when I first set eyes upon her but she couldn't find it either and then I loaned her my ballpen and wrote "Anna" in my little red notebook with my other pen and then I went back a few days later and saw her again and gave her my calling card then next time her coworkers said she was gone to Surigao for her father's birthday and then next time she invited me to go to the province to visit her family sounded great so I said Sure and most of her family lives in Mantalongon about 50 miles south from Cebu City on the coast road then up into the mountains a small poor town in a beautiful spot her parents are still alive and she has 10 siblings I thought it was just a day trip but it turned into two days including an evening hanging out at the seawall down in Dalaguete where Ana's sister lives and we spent the night there hanging out and getting to know the family if you've been to the Philippines you know that means eating talking videoke eating talking laughing and she grew up mostly in Mantalongon but also two years in Surigao on Mindanao Island and she's Roman Catholic graduated from Cebu University here in Cebu City with a BSED Bachelor of Secondary Education and after graduating she worked at Manila Bankers then National Bookstore here in Cebu City and now she's working for Global Publishing a distributor of computer books as a promo girl she knows all those computer books on my bookshelf, because she stocks and inventories them all and I won't even try to describe her you'll have to check her out yourself suffice to say I'm crazy about her cuz she's my BookstoreGirl and her full name is Ana Monceda Flores aka "Anjie" and she's 23 and 4'11" and 36 kg and a terrible cook and a great kisser and a masterful cellphone texter and humble and smart and really loves her family and wants to meet mine and I want to spend the rest of my life getting to know her better and I hope next week to go visit her father in Surigao to tell him I want to marry his daughter becuz her mom already said OK and I don't know any of my friends in the USA who asked their future-parents-in-law for the hand of their daughter but that's just what I'm doing and at age 50 after a lifetime of saying " I'm not ready for that yet" it seems I finally am and so anybody want to come to the Philippines for a special event you know Cebu is a tropical island and it's pretty safe and right now it's a cooler time of the year and the Cebuanos are very friendly just like my Ana.

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