Carl Harvey Navasquez was born on Feb 13, 2011. Honey Mae decided to schedule his baptismal for the one-month anniversary of his birth. Every Filipino celebration is centered around food, so planning for this event began with buying a lot of foods at Cerbon Market and then staying up all night cooking before the baptismal.

Honey Mae cooking the night before

Next morning we trooped to the church to prepare for the baptismal ceremony.

three women sitting in church

Carl stayed relaxed (aka sleeping) through his baptism... didn't even scream when the padre poured holy water on his head.

Baptism of Carl Harvey

Her baby now baptised as a Catholic Christian, Governor-General Pershing.

Governor-General Pershing

Carl, his nenangs ("godmothers") and Uncle Chris posed for a group picture.

Baptismal group picture

Then it was back to my apartment for the delicious buffet meal cooked up by Chef Honey Mae.

buffet meal

The crowd favorite by-far was Honey Mae's pork hamonada, her signature dish. Big chunks of fatty pork are boiled in water, then boiled in hot oil and then covered with a sweet tomato-based sauce. Don't ask what it does to human arteries, but god-its-good.

Honey Mae's pork hamonada

Carl also got a baptismal cake. He didn't eat any but he got to taste it later in his breast milk.

baptismal cake

Carl slept through the opening of his gifts.

opening of Carl's gifts

Honey Mae's family came up from the province in Carcar to join the celebration: (left-to-right) Uncle Hesrael, Honey Mae, Grandma Jocelyn, Uncle Chrismark, Carl, Aunt April Rose and Grandpa Rodelio.

Honey Mae's family

Everybody loves Carl! Carl, Aunt Chrisley and Aunt Fely.

Carl, Aunt Chrisley and Aunt Fely

After the party, the all-nighters took naps before going back to the province.


Welcome to the world of Christianity Carl Harvey!

Welcome to the world of Christianity Carl Harvey!