February 2, 2011
After eight months and three weeks of pregnancy, Honey Mae Navasquez was getting big....

Honey Mae at 38 weeks

She had been visiting the Reproductive Health Clinic at Sacred Heart Hospital for regular pre-natal check-ups.

Honey Mae at the Sacred Heart clinic

February 13, 2011
Sunday, the day before Valentines, Honey Mae texted me that she was in severe pain:
"Its really sakit (painful) and I don't know why."
I visited her at her boarding house. I took out my watch and timed her intermittent pain: minute-long episodes of intense abdominal pain, followed by three-to-four minute painfree rest periods.
Hmmmm...... kinda sounds like....... labor pain???

Honey Mae in labor

Her landlady Bele came upstairs to offer encouragement and a back massage...

Bele the landlord

At 6:40pm she blurted out " My water broke!" and suddenly the bed was all wet. I quickly gathered all her things and helped her downstairs into a taxi for the 200-meter ride to the hospital.

Sacred Heart Hospital

We wheeled Honey Mae into the emergency room in a wheelchair. ER staff took one look and immediately instructed the wheelchair orderly to take her directly upstairs to Labor and Delivery.

They wouldn't allow your humble correspondent into the delivery room :-(
But, 20 minutes later, this little guy popped out.

Carl Harvey Navasquez

A nurse carried him to the nursery where staff scrubbed him down and gave him phototherapy as a prophylactic treatment against neonatal jaundice.

Carl red

February 14, 2011
Next morning a nurse brought Carl down to the ward and wrapped him in a blanket.

Carl in-a-blanket

She gave him to Honey Mae and they looked pretty happy.

Honey Mae and Carl

February 15, 2011
First bath by mom in the hospital.

First bath

Auntie April Rose (left) comes to visit her new nephew.

April Rose Navasquez

Patient room on the maternity ward at Sacred Heart Hospital. No aircon, but there are a few fans. No running water in the room, but there is a bathroom in the adjacent room with intermittently running water from a wall spigot (no sink.)

hospital room

Patient bed on the maternity ward.
(Editor's note to history buffs: these are antique beds. I found General Douglas MacArthur's initials carved into this one, apparently dating from his brief hospitalization after he twisted his ankle while wading ashore from a landing craft during the Allied invasion of Cebu Island in 1945.)

hospital bed

Carl's first visitors.
From the left: Ate Thorie, landlord Ricardo, Carl, Honey Mae, Ate Angie.

Ate Thorie, landlord Ricardo, Carl, Honey Mae, Ate Angie

Newborn screening at 48 hours post-natal involves use of a gigantic needle to take a blood sample from the heel .........ouch!!!

Newborn screening

Ate Rosario comes to visit.

Ate Rosario

February 16, 2011
Discharge from the hospital. Thank you, nurses!

Hospital discharge

Chris Pforr's normally quiet apartment at Villa San Rafael is transformed into a nursery.

Chris Pforr's apartment at Villa San Rafael

February 17, 2011
Carl's first bath at Villa San Rafael.

Carl's first bath

February 18, 2011
Grandma Jocelyn and Auntie April Rose come to visit.

Grandma Jocelyn and Auntie April Rose come to visit

February 19, 2011
Carl's first check-up at Sacred Heart pediatric outpatient department.
Diagnosis: very f****ng healthy!

First outpatient check-up

February 20, 2011
Honey Mae is a dedicated and very loving mom.

Carl outdoors with his mom

...and Uncle Chris is doing his part also. :-)

Carl and Chris, outdoors

February 21, 2011
One-week follow-up check-up for Honey Mae at Sacred Heart Reproductive Health Clinic, with the wonderful nurses who guided her through pregnancy.

Honey Mae, Carl and Reproductive Health Clinic nurses

Welcome to the world, Carl Harvey Navasquez!

Carl Harvey Navasquez