Honey Mae's first birthday 1989

1989: Honey Mae's first birthday party.

Honey Me at Fiesta Mall in Tabunok

2004: Honey Mae in a beauty contest.

Honey Mae at Fiesta Mall in Tabunok

We met by accident December 31, 2006, in Fiesta Mall, Talisay City.
A few days later we met again (on purpose this time) and I took this picture with my cellphone camera.

Chris & Honey Mae at Tops

In June 2007 we visited Tops,
above Cebu City.

Honey Mae at Tops
Honey Mae in UC uniform


The same month, she started in the HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) program at the University of Cebu. She's a dedicated student, and is following her dream of working either front office or as chef in a hotel.

Honey Mae in chef uniform


An important component of her program is Culinary Arts and Sciences. She's learning to cook professionally.
...and me, I'm crazy about a girl in chef's uniform.

Gary, Chris & Honey Mae at Lami-Ah restaurant


We went out to the Lami-Ah restaurant on Mactan Island. Delicious food, a fun preformance of traditional Filipino dances, and a nice evening.


My long-time amigo Gary Forbes is on the left, I think he had a good time but he gets shy around cameras.

Honey Mae at Hidden Valley pool


In August we took a Sunday trip to Hidden Valley Resort in Pinamungajan, over on the west side of Cebu Island. We just went for the day, had a nice time eating, swimming and Honeymae even got to do her favorite activity: karaoke singing.

Navasquez family


The Navasquez family recently came up to Cebu City from home in Carcar for lunch at 'Casa Chris.' We had a fun time!

From the left: Jocelyn (mom), Rodelio (dad), Chrismark (blue shirt), Hesrael (earphones), Honey Mae, April Rose.


Cellphone camera pics

Honey Mae and Chris Honey Mae and Chris Honey Mae and Chris Honey Mae and Chris Honey Mae and Chris Honey Mae and Chris