Kawasan Falls

November 3, 2003

We woke at 2:30am to catch the 3am bus from Cebu to Badian, on the southwest coast of Cebu Island.
This fuzzy photo of us on the bus captures pretty well our state of mind at this early hour.


By 8am at Matutinao we were ready to start the 30 minute hike up through lush tropical forest to the falls. This is probably one of the few unspoiled natural places left in the Philippines.
Left to right: Eking, Anabel, Nelsa, Hazel, Ana, Roger, Romeo (not shown Jimmy, Alan, GongGong and myself.)
The group comprises current and former employees of National Bookstore at Ayala Mall in Cebu City.

National Bookstore staff

Bridge on the way.


Ana at the lower falls.

Ana Flores

At the upper falls there's a raft for playing around.

raft at upper falls

Romeo demonstrates the perfect water temperature.


Ana, GongGong and Romeo getting wet.

Ana, GongGong and Romeo

"Otso otso", a dance craze in the Philippines.

Otso otso

Fun fueled by ginebra and pineapple juice.

ginebra and pineapple juice

Eking, Nelsa and Allan.

Eking Nelsa Alan



After leaving the falls, we rode a "multicab" back to Badian, to GongGong's house for a special Filipino treat. First, find somebody brave enough to climb a coconut palm to knock down coconuts. Our host GongGong is the skilled tree-climber:

GongGong GongGong climbing tree GongGong climbing tree

Open 20 young coconuts ("lubi") and pour the milk into a bucket:

Open 20 young coconuts

Scrape out and add the young coconut meat, then add sugar, 2 cans evaporated milk and some Sky Flakes biscuits.

coconut milk sky flakes biscuits

Lami!!! (delicious)
I'm happy to personally certify Lamaw as a nectar of the gods.


Afterwards, we rode a van-hire (air-con passenger van) back to Cebu, getting caught in a massive traffic jam and finally arriving home exhausted at 9:30pm. Tired but happy: I think this was my funnest day ever in the Philippines.