Outing sa bukid

November 2004

Outing is a common English word here in Cebu, meaning to 'go for an adventure.'
Sa bukid is Bisayan for 'to the mountain.'

Two weeks ago Myrna Alipar invited me to "Go for outing with me to visit my family sa bukid."
"Segurado!" means 'You bet your sweet bippee I'll go!'

Barangay Babag II is located about 20 km west of Cebu City, just over the crest of the spine of mountains running down Cebu Island. We rode a taxi for about 30 minutes, then had an easy 20-minute stroll through the forest.....

Barangay Babag II crossing a creek


....to reach the Alipar residence. It's a small and simple house, a home full of love.
Alipar residence Alipar residence

Like most of their neighbors, the Alipars are farmers, growing flowers and vegetables to sell in Cebu City. Here's the tail end of the tomato crop. In December they'll be planting flowers.

tomato crop


Myrna (dark blue t-shirt) and her siblings.
Myrna and her siblings


We wandered around visiting neighbors, mostly relatives. It was Saturday, a day to relax and enjoy.
visiting neighbors visiting neighbors


A little tuba (home-brewed palm wine), a little music....
drinking tuba playing guitars


Myrna invited me back again this past Tuesday, Nov. 2, All Souls Day. She said that her father, who had been very shy on my first visit, was eager for me to return. Myrna promised that he was preparing some special foods for me, and had offered to make one of my long-held dreams come true. OK, twist my arm, I'll go on outing sa bukid again.


When we arrived, there was a feast waiting: boiled native chicken, budbud (coconut-sweetened rice in banana leaves), baca (beef) afritada, baboy (pork) frito, rice and saging (bananas).

feast feast
feast feast


Myrna's parents, Belinda and Lito / me and Lito.
Belinda and Lito me and Lito

Next, we were off for more visiting. Myrna's uncle is quite the farmer, growing an incredible variety of plants. He was busy spraying while we visited, and at one point we all got covered with a heavy mist of insecticide. Oh well....I'm sure I've done worse things to my liver before. Anyway, you don't live forever.

Myrna's uncle Myrna's uncle

The houses are simple, but there's always plenty of fun to make up for the absence of Italian marble countertops and three-car garages.

simple house plenty of fun
group group in window


Myrna's grandparents and my new "girlfriend."
Myrna's grandparents my new girlfriend


Human starfish.
Human starfish Human starfish


At the end of the day, Lito led me to a field near the house where my dream was waiting to come true.
I finally got to ride a carabao!
carabao me riding a carabao