Samantha Michelle Muñoz

December 2006


February 9, 2006: I met a cute girl at a clothing store downtown near Carbon market. She started flirting and I took the bait.
Name: Samantha Michelle Muñoz, 19 years old.
She’s a high-school graduate, personable, strong-minded, has fair English, likes to sing and says she wants to be a teacher.


February 14: Valentine's dinner at the rooftop restaurant on top of Holiday Plaza Hotel. Afterwards, Sam took me home to meet the family. They live in Barangay Duljo Fatima, Cebu City; , parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters (12) in a small house.)

Most every night about 6:30pm I would go to Sam's shop and wait for her to get off work, then we'd go out to dinner. Then she went home. Courtship, Filipino-style.

February 28: I invited Sam to move in with me. She will think about it and ask her family and friends.

March 9: She's been considering my offer to live together, and said yes. Her current plan is to quit her job next month (April) and then move in.

April: Sam says she wants to put off moving in until May.
I went traveling in Mindanao, then to the US.

May 17: I arrived back in Cebu from USA.

May 18: Sam came over to dinner and we talked. She had a plan go to Toledo City (across Cebu Island) the next morning, to ask her grandmother for permission to move in with me.

May 19-May 23: Her text messages became few and far between.
I went over to her house one night and successfully retrieved the MP3 player I had brought her from the USA. She didn’t want to talk about what’s happening.
I went to her shop the next day and tried to get her to talk a little after work, but she refused.

June, July: no communication.

August 1: She started texting me again.

August 6: She came over and we talked a long time. She told me that back in May her grandmother in Toledo had said ‘No’; but a few days ago had called again and said its OK for Sam to move into my house. So that’s what she wanted to tell me…she's ready now.


August 13
The family and I went to Abuhan Dos for dinner. We agreed: Sam would move in. I said I’m interested in marriage, but not ready to make a promise at this time.

At the end of dinner, Sam’s mom Melodyne said she wants Sam’s brother Jun2x to move in also, temporarily, as a chaperone, for awhile. That was a surprise, but... OK.

“Ur welcome my dear im so exitd this Tuesday"

August 15: Sam and Jun2x moved in. We went shopping for a portable bed and groceries. Had a good day, a fine start to this adventure.

August 18: I took Jun2x to the dentist for a cleaning, some fillings and an extraction. Jun2x is a great kid, I really like him.


August 20: The whole Munoz family came over for a big lunch. We ate, her folks checked out my place, the kids played, I took pictures and video clips, pretty fun.

August 22: Jun2x went back home (Sam and me now alone.)

August 24: Past few days sam has been talking less….just wants to watch tv all day.
We talked. “You know chris I try my best. But I don’t have experience as a wife, as a live-in, its my first time.”
We agreed best thing is for her to go home. She packed her things, and went home in a taxi
“Thank u 4 everything u do to me sorry im not the perpeck grl that u looking bye….."

August 25: We met at Jolibee and talked about what had happened.
I said I feel terrible, I don’t understand what happened. What went wrong?
She said “I don’t have any experience before being live-in / wife. I love you chris but I’m shy."
Aug 29: Sam to my house, I gave her an engagement ring.

September 4: Sam moved back in.

A little better this time.

September 7: I took Sam to the dentist for a cleaning, some fillings and an extraction.

We talked more, but she mostly kept her distance. What's going on inside that beautiful Filipina head?

September 19: Sam moved out.

Sept 30: Visited Sam in Tagunol, Inayawan. Met her aunt Vena & Lola Vicenta.
She’s building her own room attached to Vena’s house. She said she hadn't sold the ring.
“hi! Its m sam are t ok! I want to say sorry the all ive dne to u sam.
“that all thank u nce to see u

October: We met again at Jolibee, then she came over, once, to do a print job for her cousin.

November 5: We met one last time at Jolibee across from Metro Gaisano.


But.... we're done now.