Streetbuzz Interview

June 16, 2004

Kevin Black: 18 years old, son of Wenmei Kang (owner of New Universe Translation Company where I worked.)
Young Chinese man with a vision.
Lives in Kunming, China.

Kevin Black

STREETBUZZ: Kevin, when and where were you born?

KEVIN: I'm born here in Kunming, it's November 16, 1985. I'm the only child.

STREETBUZZ: Can you describe your childhood? Was it happy /sad / OK?

KEVIN: Happy and funny. I do something funny things. One day I use my father's razor; don't know how to shave but I have no beard. So I see mirror; shave off my eyebrows. When they come back I ask, "Can you see special things my face?" They say "Where's your eyebrows?" They laughed.
Then my grandmother told my parents to used that vegetable (ginger) so my eyebrows will grow back. It worked, yes they grew back, they're very happy.

STREETBUZZ: Your parents got a divorce. What was that like for you?

KEVIN: My parents separate my age 12, that's 1997. I think when that time I so small it's not good. So scary; so angry with my father, my mother. But now I think they do something right. They right; they can change this life, make themself happy. Now I'm so happy. Long time ago maybe I fight, every week; not good. They not happy, I'm not happy. Now everybody smiling face: the right way.

STREETBUZZ: After they separated, did you live with your mother or father?

KEVIN: After, I live with my father. Then one year later I go with my mother. Every week or month I will change one day or two day or more, go to my father's home to take care of my grandmother. Now, my father lives next door in Kunming.

STREETBUZZ: Did you enjoy school?

KEVIN: The truth is I don't like Chinese school or Chinese teacher. They just speak to you, do something. They just speak, speak, talk to you. If you don't, they just say "Go see your mother, come tomorrow with your mother."
In middle school maybe I'm not a good student: smoking, drinking, fighting. Because I feel some stress, tension so much; school and family. So I do something bad, I think: smoke, drink, fight, stay out all night with my friends. But now I think that time I did something bad. Now I try to do thing that make me happy. I did finish middle school three years, and high school three years.
I very like China, but I don't like Chinese school, Chinese government.

STREETBUZZ: Kevin, what can you say about the Chinese government?

KEVIN: Maybe every country government the same: telling lies. They don't tell the truth. I don't like. But every people want the truth. And the government don't tell the truth and they don't want you to tell the truth to other person; if you do that, they say they will do soemthing bad to you.

STREETBUZZ: Why is that a problem?

KEVIN: In 1989 - hmmm, in English it's June, June 4. Every Chinese knows these things but the government, they don't want you to talk about this. The university students talk to the government, negotiate. But the government do something terrible, they kill the students. They use the gun, they use the tank, that not a country's government right way, it's not good, it's so bad. They kill 3000 students.

STREETBUZZ: What do most Chinese people think about this?

KEVIN: Most Chinese people think the same: they hate the government. But if you tell the truth, the government will do something: lose your job, maybe lose your life.

STREETBUZZ: Why does the Chinese government lie?

KEVIN: They just want to take care of the government power. Like a king, they want the power. For the government, power is important. Power and money; that's all.

Kevin Black

STREETBUZZ: Kevin, I know you just took the university entrance exam. What is your life plan?

KEVIN: I will finish university; then, work experience. I want to do something like my mom: have my own company, something I want. I want to do...what is the word: advertising. I want to study advertising at university.


KEVIN: I don't know; it is just a feeling. I want to do it!

STREETBUZZ: What kind of products you want to advertise?

KEVIN: Any kind. I have so much idea; for example, telephones.

STREETBUZZ: Then, after you start a business: what else do you want to do with your life?

KEVIN: Some day, get married, have a family. But first, I must have enough money. I must use the money for my wife. Someday we will have a baby; I must use the money for the baby. I will marry in age 35. But if I don't have enough money, I won't do it. Because that's my duty. If I don't have enough money I won't be a good husband, father.

STREETBUZZ: China is changing very quickly. What about that?

KEVIN: I think China will be the best in the world. Maybe 50 years or 80 years; will be the big man in the world.

STREETBUZZ: Will that be good? Why?

KEVIN: Yes. First, I love this country. The mom wants the children to be good. So I want this country to be the best. China will be the leader of the world.
Way time in future, the earth will be just one country. But a long time. But meantime, there will be many wars. Then the earth will be only one country.

STREETBUZZ: But there will be many difficulties for China to do this, yes?

KEVIN: China's problem is so much people. There are one billion five hundred million. So when you ask me about no brother and sisters, in 1976 the government told everybody: "You just can have one children." So in 30 years, the population will go down. I don't like (the policy) but it's right. So in 50 or 80 years, China will be the best. The population problem; it's difficult for the government. It's a big problem now; maybe in 30 years it will be small problem.
That is the important thing: make the population small.

STREETBUZZ: How about the environmental problems caused by rapid growth in China?

KEVIN: I'm angry for that. But so many people need so much food, so many things. Can't avoid that problem.

STREETBUZZ: What can you say about the attitudes of Chinese people?

KEVIN: So much people think like me. But others: "Oh, USA, England, they have so many girls and nice cars, so many nice things." But not me: I don't think so. I am a Chinese man; I must do something for China. And someday I will.

Kevin Black