Streetbuzz Person-in-the-Street Interview

April 30, 2004

Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum

This week Streetbuzz traveled to the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
STREETBUZZ asked museum visitors the following question: "30 years ago the United States was involved in a large war in Vietnam, and today the United States is involved in another war, in Iraq. Many people are asking the obvious question: 'Is Iraq another Vietnam?' What's your opinion: are there any parallels?"

Iraq: Another Vietnam?


Caleb Lewis, Australia:

"It comes into the mind. It's the way the government is handling the setting up of the new government, it's just like was done in Vietnam."


Pete Zimmer, USA:

"I don't know enough about history to say. But it's sad we didn't learn anything in Vietnam. It's like we're spreading our ideas because we believe it's the only way to live."




John Wilson, UK:

"The average American soldier does not understand the people in Iraq, and their way of life and beliefs. This was similar to what happened in Vietnam. As a result, instead of being seen as an army who are helping Iraq, they're seen as the oppressor."


Catherine Hemming, UK:

"You seem to be doing the same thing all over again. There's plenty of passionate discussion about whether this war (Iraq) is valid, whether it's warranted. I came here today to this museum. You see the result of the war. This war (Vietnam) had no value. There was a lot of talk about Iraq being a threat to the West. The same was true of Vietnam also (the 'domino theory'.) The result? There was no bad result, the communists didn't take over the world."




Mr. Giap, Vietnam:

"Many Vietnam people who were alive during the war, they told me that when the Americans were here, they were not good. And maybe in the future the U.S. will take another country. The purpose of America to attack the war is to give the land. To make the land belong to America. America want everything not belong to them."


Melinda Potter, UK (didn't want her picture taken):

"I think they're similar in being a little short-sighted / not understanding the other side, the whole picture. Sorry that's not a good comment. I'm just a bit shellshocked at the moment by this museum. It made me sick....absolutely sick."


Miss Lek and Miss Tan, Thailand:

"Maybe the same. But the result is different. In Vietnam, the U.S. want to take over Vietnam. In Iraq, America want the Iraq population to have a better life, help the Iraq people. But when have war, very terrible. But America can help Iraq people have better life without war; there are many ways!"




Mauro Dani, Italy:

"I trust what happened in Vietnam won't happen in Iraq. But I think war is inside every person. Now we are at a point of no return."


Bjorg & Kirsten, Norway:

"We were just talking about that; it's the same thing, the war in Iraq. Never learn, the Americans: do the same again. Always the policeman. Not the Nazis, etc., but now all the world is attacked by the US. They say it's against terrorism, but there's more: it's about oil. "
"It's very difficult to be an American soldier; I feel sorry for them. It must be so difficult for the soldiers. When they came home from Vietnam, they weren't heroes. Now it will be the same when they come home from Iraq. Why do they do it? They didn't learn anything."




Dung, Vietnam:

"It's different. Vietnam was a long war, but Iraq is a new war. But maybe after awhile, it will be the same."


Sakakibara Toshiyaki, Japan:

"I think the same. Because the United Nations they didn't allow to start the war - only America. On the TV I saw American people think Osama Bin Laden is in Iraq, but it's not true! "




Tiec, Vietnam:

"Not the same. Vietnam was poor, but Iraq is oil-rich."


Nguyen Le Thanh Binh, Vietnam (white shirt):

"The Iraq people should be patient like the Vietnamese people. If they do that, the Americans will never win. Look what happened in Vietnam!"

"I think your president is like all the presidents of your country, they all want the same thing, peace and war. They want peace and war. They want peace in your country, and they want war in the other countries of the world."



Chris Pforr

Chris Pforr, USA:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana



In Vietnam, be sure to visit:
War Remnants Museum
28 Vo Van Tan Street
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel. 9306325


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