Streetbuzz Interviews

STREETBUZZ INTERVIEWS asks real questions of real people.
No box lunches are provided.
No gratuities are paid.
No deluxe, all-expenses-paid gambling-and-party excursions to Las Vegas on private Learjets are offered.
No bullshit.
Just plain talk.

Subject Location Date
Chris Pforr Chris Pforr Seattle, USA September 15, 2003
Quirina Flores   Quirina Flores Dalaguete, Philippines October 17, 2003
Lydia Yongco   Lydia Yongco Cebu City, Philippines November 20, 2003
Jon Woodward   Jon Woodward Cebu City, Philippines November 24, 2003
Jean De La Rama   Jean De La Rama Cebu City, Philippines January 14, 2004
Daymeg Lepiten   Daymeg Lepiten Cebu City, Philippines March 22, 2004
War Remnants Museum   War Remnants Museum Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam April 30, 2004
Thu Thuy   Thu Thuy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam May 1, 2004
Young   Young Battambang, Cambodia June 3, 2004
Kevin Black   Kevin Black Kunming, China June 16, 2004
Marilou Gallarde   Marilou Gallarde Cebu City, Philippines July 28, 2004
Ana Flores   Ana Flores Cebu City, Philippines August 8, 2004
Kim Reaksmay   Kim Reaksmay Kratie, Cambodia February 20, 2005
Joe Frerich   Joe Frerich Kratie, Cambodia February 20, 2005
Marife Walapirma   Marife Walapirma Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines March 19, 2005
Beth Pforr   Beth Pforr Brentwood, USA May 8, 2005
Stoney Bird   Stoney Bird Mount Vernon, USA May 11, 2005
Gail N-Sanderson   Gail N-Sanderson Mount Vernon, USA May 18, 2005
Chris Martin   Chris Martin Tacoma, USA May 20, 2005
Pedro Crespo   Pedro Crespo Tacoma, USA May 20, 2005
Marcy Bloom   Marcy Bloom Seattle, USA May 23, 2005
Erica Kay   Erica Kay Seattle, USA May 28, 2005
Tom Warner   Tom Warner Seattle, USA May 31, 2005
Doug Barnes   Doug Barnes Seattle, USA June 1, 2005
Lenny Williams   Lenny Williams Seattle, USA June 1, 2005
Dave Clark   Dave Clark Cebu City, Philippines February 27, 2007
Arman Perez   Arman Perez Cebu City, Philippines April 18, 2008
Alex Remollino   Alex Remollino Manila, Philippines May 19, 2008

If you wish to be the subject of a STREETBUZZ INTERVIEW, please send either:
•A cashier's check for five thousand dollars; or else
•Two hundred and fifty pounds of Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate to:

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