Mom Travis Bea and Bruce Stoney People for a Peaceable Planet
      Did I miss anybody?

May / June 2005
Top row, L to R: Beth, Travis, Bea & Bruce, Stoney, People for a Peaceable Planet.
2nd row, L to R: Howard & Mary, Stevens family, Jerry, Gail & nurses, Chris.
3rd row, L to R: Will & Else, Pedro, Marcy & Domenick, Erica & John, Elanor & Paul.
4th row, L to R: Vicki & Doug, Eric, Todd & Lynn & Molly, Chris, Therese & John.
5th row, L to R: Ruth, Andy, Todd, Gladys & Lenny, Tom.
6th row, L to R: Doug & Chris, party at Stoney's, Therese, Lynne, jim & Dave.
7th row, L to R: John & Leeann, Victor, Bob & Millie, Larry & Christie.