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January 2003

Neoconservatives graphic

Neoconservatism: "the political perspective…committed to cultural traditionalism, democratic capitalism, and a foreign policy promoting freedom and American interests around the world.Total Information Awareness Program (definition courtesy of Neoconservatism Online)

It's clear to me that the dismal failure of progressive forces in the U.S. is at least partly due to our collective inability to understand, and respond appropriately to, the program and rhetoric of the neoconservative right wing. I don't suggest that we adopt the same tactics (lies and murder), but we do need a better analysis of their beliefs and strategy if we are to have any chance of stopping this march to madness. Here's a collection of mostly-contemporary neoconservative documents and legislation, presented with associated commentary. If you want to know their plans, read their documents. -Chris

NSC-68 (1950)
Rebuilding America's Defenses (Sept. 2000)
USA Patriot Act (Oct. 2001)
President Bush's UN Speech (Sept. 2002)
National Security Strategy (Sept. 2002)
Homeland Security Act (Nov. 2002)
Information Awareness Office (Nov. 2002)

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