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Lyrics of the week:
"Once the rockets are up,
   who cares where they come down.
   That's not my department,
   says Werner Von Braun."
Tom Leer (from the song, Werner Von Braun)

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Recent Articles & Analysis
The Secret War Against Iraq by John Pilger, The Mirror (December 20)
U.S. Corporations and Government Helped Arm Iraq by Andreas Zumach, Democracy Now (Dec 18)
'Ordinary people' Join Peace Protests by Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle (Dec 15)
A List by Geov Parrish, Working For Change (Dec 9)
Table of Contents of Iraqi Declaration pdf format (must register with NYT) (Dec 9)
U.S. Given Copy of Iraqi Declaration by Dafna Linzer, Associated Press (Dec 9)
Carter Says Iraq Moves to Avert War by Alister Doyle, Reuters (Dec 8)
Iraq Delivers Arms Declaration to U.N. by Charles J. Hanley, Associated Press (Dec 7)
Weapons Inspector Asks U.S. to Share Data By Julia Peston, NYT (Dec 7)
Lies, Damned Lies and Terror Warnings by John Pilger, The Mirror (Dec 4)
Osama's 'Letter To America' by Harley Sorensen, San Francisco Gate (Dec 2)
Full text: Osama bin Laden's 'Letter to America' The Observer (Nov 24)
Let's Join, Not Fight, the Global Coalition Jeremy Brecher, Foreign Policy In-Focus (November 19)
World's Policeman or Bully?
Robert Jensen, Dallas Morning News (November 18)
U.N. Inspectors Return to Iraq Associated Press (Nov 18)
Text of Bin Laden's Statement NYT (Nov 17)
Iraqis in U.S. Monitored for Potential Terror Threats
David Johnston, NYT (Nov 17)
Match Game Geov Parrish, WorkingforChange (Nov 15)
We Have Played Straight Into Bin Laden's Hands Adrian Hamilton, Independent (Nov 15)
Policing The Pax Americana Stephen Kerr, ZNet (Nov 14)
The Guns of Opa-Locka Jake Bergman and Julia Reynolds, The Nation (Nov 14)
Iraq Tells the U.N. Arms Inspections Will Be Permitted Julia Preston, NYT (Nov 13)
Resolution 1441 by Justin Podur, ZNet (Nov 11)
A New Age of Empire Sasha Lilley, ZNet (Nov 10)
Text of UN Resolution on Iraq Seattle Times (Nov 9)
Security Council Votes for Tough Iraq Resolution Julia Preston, NYT (Nov 8)
Questions Of War by Matt Siegfried, Fourthwrite (Nov 6)
Why I Oppose the US War On Terror Chris White, ZNet (Oct 31)
American Empire For Dummies William Blum, ZNet (Oct 21)
What War Looks Like Howard Zinn, The Progressive (Oct 20)
America's Loathing for Iraq Linda Mcquaig, Toronto Star (Oct 15)
Anti-War Protests Get Louder Surprisingly good Washington Post article (Oct 13)
Iraq Promises No Obstacles to Inspectors' Mission Associated Press(Oct 13)
Congress Authorizes Bush to Use Force Alison Mitchell, NYT (Oct 11)
The Choice on Iraq Eric Herring, ZNet (Oct 10)
Analysis of Bush's Oct. 7 Speech Institute for Public Accuracy (Oct 10)
Israel, Iraq, and the US Al-Ahram, ZNet (Oct 10)
Thousands Hit Seattle Streets to Protest War John Zebrowski, Seattle Times (Oct 7)
U.S. Sent Iraq Germs in Mid-'80s Douglas Turner, (Oct 3)
To the Streets John Pilger, ZNet (Oct 1)
The Case Against Bush's War Anthony Arnove, International Socialist Review (Sept 23)
U.S. Doctrine's Risks Warned Peter Slevin, Washington Post (Sept 22)
Baghdad, Autumn 2002: City Of Doom Norman Solomon, ZNet (Sept 19)
MADRE Factsheet: Analysis of Bush's Speech to UN Yiffat Susskind, MADRE (Sept 18)
A Semantic Game Scott Ritter interview, El Ahram (Sept 18)
In War Scenario, Oil Is Key Issue Dan Morgan & David Ottaway, Wash Post (Sept 15)
America's Case For War Is Built On Blindness... Robert Fisk, The Independent (Sept 15)
Bush planned Iraq...before becoming President Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald (Sept 15)
War Now! Uri Avnery, Gush Shalom (Sept 11)
Ironic if Bush Himself Causes Jihad Salman Rushdie, (Sept 10)

What The Warmongers Are Up To
George W. Bush
Powell: Iraq in Violation by Barry Schweid, AP (Dec 19)
Bush Widens Authority of C.I.A. to Kill Terrorists by James Risen, NYT (Dec 14)
The Bush Vision And The Culture Of Power by Saul Landau, ZNet (Dec 12)
Preemptive Strikes U.S. Strategic Doctrine by Mike Allen, Washington Post (Dec 11)
Did Bush Miss His Exit on Iraq? by Patrick E. Tyler, NYT (Dec 8)
U.S. Voices Doubts on Iraq Search by Dana Milbank, Washington Post (Dec 3)
The Military's New War of Words William M. Arkin, Los Angeles Times (Nov 24)
War, Whatever Paul Gilfeather, Mirror (Nov 24)
Bush Threatens Hussein
Elisabeth Bumiller, NYT (Nov 21)
War Plan in Iraq Sees Large Force and Quick Strikes David E. Sanger, NYT (Nov 9)
Return of the 'Chicken Hawks' Michael Kelly, Washington Post (Oct 30)
Powell Eases Iraq Rhetoric William C. Mann, Associated Press (Oct 20)
Bush Outlines New National Security Doctrine Sandra Sobieraj, AP (Sept 20)
Bush Requests OK To Use 'All Means' Matt Kelley, AP (Sept 19)
Bush at the UN Text of his speech (Sept 14)
Background Information from the White House White House report (Sept 14)
US Department of State (Dis)Information Page
Project for The New American Century Scary ideologues plotting Bush's course

Organizations Working To Stop The War
American Friends Service Committee
Bellingham Peace Community
Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq (CASI)
Children of Iraq Homepage
Education for Peace in Iraq Center
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Foreign Policy in Focus
Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Block)
Institute for Policy Studies
Iraq Action Coalition
Iraq Peace Pledge
No War Against Iraq Coalition of Washington
Not In Our Name (Pledge of Resistance)
Peace Action
People for a Peaceable Planet
Resources for Peace Links
SNOW Coalition
United for Peace
Voices in the Wilderness
Skull and Bush

Background Information

Al-Hayat Pan-Arab independent daily published in London
Al-Jazeera Qatar's 24-hour news satellite channel
ArabNet Iraq page published by a Saudi media magnate
CIA Factbook on Iraq Of course they wouldn't lie to you!
History of Iraq from ArabNet
History of Iraq 2 from
Library of Congress Iraq Study Tool
Maps of Iraq from the University of Texas (lots of oil maps there)
Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations Iraqi government
Timeline of Iraq History American Friends Service Committee

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